Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mendel 3D renders

Yesterday I was looking on the wiki for some renders of a completely assembled Mendel. The only thing I found was a tiny picture of the front view. That's really too small to be of any use. I did find the 3D-models of an older version of Mendel made in Solid Edge. Luckily my university has a license for Solid Edge, so I downloaded and installed the software. Once installed, I opened the file and wanted to render it.
I got a lot of errors telling me that the included files had an absolute path reference to \\campus\files\MechEng\... well, just a very long path from a filesystem on a university. I looked for a way to fix them all at once. The only solution I found was putting all files in the same folder as the general-assembly.asm file. I was now able to see the whole Mendel in 3D. That will certainly help me once I start building mine.
I made some high resolution renders of the front, back, top and bottom for people without access to Solid Edge. If you click on a picture, you will be taken to a page with the small version of the image. There is a download button on the top left corner of that page. That's the one you need to download the big image. The images are over 1MB each, so you have been warned.
If you want a view from a different angle or from a specific part of the assembly, leave a reaction below and I'll render it for you.

Front view
Rear view
Bottom view
Top view

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