Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Arrival of the first parts

While I was programming the extension for mediawiki, some parts for my Mendel arrived in the mail. First one to arrive was the nichrome wire for my heated bed. It's just 10m of nichrome wire for my heated bed, so I don't tink a picture is required.

My broken soldering iron
Next package to arrive was a new soldering iron. I bought a very cheap one on ebay. One would think its just a heating element, so even a cheap one is good right? Wrong. After like 5 minutes of usage, I saw sparks coming out of the metal part. I send a message to tk-stores-494 but still haven't got a reply. They really sell junk, never buy anything there. As I wasn't getting a reply and shipping it back to them would probably just be more expensive then buying a new one, I decided to open it to see what was broken. It was all burned inside. That should really not happen after just 5 minutes.
As it was broken beyond repair, I ordered a new and more expensive one from an other store. The new one hasn't arrived yet.

The next day two packages arrived. The smaller package contained the extruder parts I ordered from reifsnyderb with a .5mm and .35mm nozzle. The nozzles are easy to exchange and everything looks sturdy. The bigger package contained the filament I ordered from reprapsource. It was nicely packaged and they even added a small sample of their black filament. I tried inserting the filament in the extruder, and it fitted nicely.

Today the plastic parts from nophead arrived. The box was smaller then I expected, but it was full of plastic. The parts are nicely made and have almost no errors. I hope I can make stuff with the same quality when my Mendel is finally working. To have a better look at them and see if nothing was missing, I laid the parts out on my desk. After comparing them to a requirement-list, it seems I am missing two x-bar-clamp-m3 and two x-motor-bracket-space. It is an old list, so its possible that these parts aren't needed anymore. I'll only know the answer for sure once I start building my Mendel. If anyone knows the answer, feel free to let me know in a reply. It seems its complete, I should learn to watch more carefully before posting.

That's all that has arrived for now. I'll post updates when more stuff arrives or when I did something else worth mentioning.


  1. Hi Tman,
    The spacers are no longer required for the new motor bracket and you need to cut your x-bars shorter.

    There are 6 x-bar-clamp-m3 parts required, and I can see them on the picture. They look like hump back bridges.

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I must have mixed up the m3 and m4 x-bar-clamps. In the table on top of the page there must be a wrong image shown for the m3 part and that made me think the 4 m4 parts were the m3 parts. Very confusing. In the image below the table they have other names and amounts required. So it is complete. Sorry about that.