Monday, September 6, 2010

Buying the last parts

Yesterday I saw that it was possible to pre-order the generation 6 electronics. I already payed a lot of shipping costs for all the parts I bought, so I hoped it was possible to send them along with the other parts I had already paid for. I send an email to Camiel from to ask if it was possible to change my order and add the new electronics. He was very friendly and suggested to delete my old order and give me a refund. Then I could place a new order with everything together in it.

The combined shipping of the electronics and hardware does mean that the hardware will also arrive later. That delays the building of my Mendel to the beginning of October. But the waiting is worth 7€ to me. In the mean time I can read and learn a little more about it. That certainly won't be bad.

As everything has been ordered now, I can be certain of how much my new 3D-printer costs. In the table below I have put a breakdown of the costs including VAT. All the prices have been converted to euro just like my bank charged me. So there could be a little extra cost for the conversion of the currencies. The total price was a little lower than the maximum of 800€ that I predicted earlier. I also added where I bought the parts, so if you want to buy them at the same shop you can do so.

plastic partsnophead210,33 €22,14 €232,47 €
hardwaremendel-parts.com200,52 €7,95 €208,47 €
electronicsmendel-parts.com177,31 €0 €177,31 €
motorsmendel-parts.com65,45 €0 €65,45 €
kapton tapemendel-parts.com11,9 €0 €11,9 €
thermistormendel-parts.com2,68 €0 €2,68 €
electric cablesmendel-parts.com9,28 €0 €9,28 €
gluemendel-parts.com10,71 €0 €10,71 €
nichrome wireebay3,41 €2,23 €5,64 €
thermostatfuturelec.com7,25 €2,9 €10,14 €
extruderreifsnyderb24,02 €5,12 €29,13 €
722,85 €40,34 €763,18 €

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