Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blog Layout

I have been working on the layout of my new blog. I took one of those standard templates and changed the colors and html a little. Normally I make my own layouts, but this was just so much faster, and the result looks just as good. The only downsides on borrowing other peoples work is I don't have the fun of making it, and the tiny reference on the bottom showing that I didn't make it. I suppose that isn't too bad. I can still make my own custom layout later on.

I tried to make something that matches the layout of my homepage. ( The layout there has been made by me, without having to borrow anything. I changed the background color of the posts to something that is a little easier to read than the gray-on-blue from my site.
I don't like sites with big background images or too flashy backgrounds, so I don't add them on my own sites, as you might have noticed. A vague drawing on both sides of the page is about the limit of what is still acceptable for me. But a background image is still way better than those new ugly flash-sites with things flying all over the screen.
If you don't know what I mean, just look at They clearly put a lot of work in their site, but the result is just awful with the flashy green background, auto-starting music and opening scrolls whenever I dare to click a button. What a shame that such a good game has such a bad website.

Anyway, enough about other sites, this was about what I changed here. Apart from the changed colors, I also made a header. I didn't have much time, so the only thing I could come up with was some text with a little glow effect on it. I'm not satisfied with the result, but it will have to do for now. I removed the standard white line around the header, as it didn't look good at all. It took me longer than expected to find where in the code I had to add something to center the image. Apparently I had to tick a box to show the full code. Once I found that box, it was easy to find the <!--Show the image only--> tag and change the code underneath it. Always nice to adjust documented code. :-)

You might also have noticed that I added some ads in the lower part of the sidebar. It doesn't cost the viewer any money to look at them, so it can't be that bad. If you find them annoying, feel free to use ad-blocking extensions like Adblock Plus for Firefox or Adblock for Chrome. I hope most of the people that don't like ads are already using that kind of software.

That's about everything I did today. Those are probably not the things you are reading this blog for, but I hope it will make my coming posts more appealing to read.

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