Saturday, October 16, 2010

The last parts finally arrive

So on Monday the 11th my order from finally got shipped. It arrived on Wednesday, but as I only have time during the weekends I'm only posting about it now. The box was a little too small and the steel bars were sticking out of it. Luckily they were wrapped in bubble plastic. I hope they haven't been bend during transport. You can see the weird packaging on the image on the right.

Inside the components were packed in separate bags to make it easyer to find them. The only thing they could have done better is binding something around the kapton film, because it has some small dents and holes from other items pressing against it. (I removed it in the picture so you can see everything inside the box and not just the film) Everything else doesn't seem to have been damaged during transport on the first sight.

To have a better view on everything inside the box, I laid them out on my desk. The steel plates had a funny note on them that they could be sharp. It's like those sunshields for in the cars that say "remove before driving". Kinda obvious those things.

As you can see, the Gen 6 electronics are also in the box. There was even a certificate with them saying it was #14 ever made. They are really a lot smaller than the other types of electronics. I hope that doesn't mean that they can overheat faster. But I still have lots of unused ram-heatsinks if that would be the case. I made a closeup picture of them for you, so you can see how they look. I haven't taken the out of the plastic yet, as it could only damage them. I have enough experience with computer electronics to know that. 

Now that everything has finally arrived, I can start building mu Mendel. I know that I will get stuck at some point, but I hope someone will be there to help me. And now I'm going to start building. Wish me luck.

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