Sunday, October 17, 2010

Almost done with the mechanics

Today I've continued working on the mechanics. Everything is ready now. I only have to make everything level and tighten the bolts. As you can see, the extruder isn't attached, due to the problem I mentioned yesterday.

Just like yesterday, I encountered some minor problems. During the assembly of the x-axis, I noticed that there were no m3x10 screws for attaching the motor. So I used m3x20 with a lot of washers instead. It doesn't look as good, but it holds everything in place.

I also had to cut the bars holding the x-axis. They were made for the "default" Mendel and not the adjusted part I am using. So I had to adjust them from 495mm to the 463mm that I needed. Now I have 2 bars with ugly endings compared to the ones that were cut in the shop and have a nice and smooth edge. I also burned my finger during the process. I wanted to take the first bar after I cut it, but it was still too hot. Stupid me.

The bearings in the z-axis were really hard to get in place. There was not enough room for my wrench, so I had to use some small pliers instead. I think one of the bearings is slightly sideways because the left axis only turns if the lead-screw is slightly tilted to the right. I hope that won't be a big problem.

That's about everything I did today. I hope I can fix the extruder next weekend and attach the electronics and belts so I can start calibrating everything.

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